Type-able Text Markup for Structured Writing
TypeText - The Type-able Text Markup for Structured Writing
Christian Augustin
2012-10-20 18:26

This website is about the ->"TypeText" ->"lightweight markup language" [http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/ Lightweight_markup_language], its implementation, and its relation to ->"Structured Writing" (as proposed by Robert E. Horn) and Topic Based Writing.

Main Topics

-> "TypeText"
-> "TypeText Markup"
-> "TypeText Implementation"
-> "Structured Writing"
-> "About"

New and Changed

2012-10-30: The format for inline images has changed to use square brackets like cross references. ->"TypeText Markup -- Text Elements"

2012-10-21: The cross reference (link) format has changed to use square brackets instead of parentheses. ->"TypeText Markup -- Text Elements"

2012-10-21: The overall structure of typetext.info has changed. This is accompanied by some improvements in navigation and linking. The tiny Perl script used here is now able to handle more complex document and page references (and knows about the ->"TypeText Implementation -- Document File Structure").


This is work in progress, ->"feedback appreciated" [mailto:feedback@typetext.info]!

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